Creation of Eve Angels WatchingPages from Leo Steinberg’s Other Criteria (1971) with Rodin’s Torse d’Adèle, 1882, and Eternal Spring, 1884Bhubaneswar'Portrait of Stéphane Mallarmé' by Édouard Manet, 1876 / Wikimedia CommonsWalterCrane-BeautyAndTheBeastRembrandtMichelleAndBarackObamamPortraitOfBosch_JacquesLeBoucqTerezin-Scottycast of “Brundibár”-Terezín Irresistable Fairy TalesEllen reading to children at the University of the SouthBeatrixPotterYoung Sigmund FreudReading in SewaneeEllen reading to her dog, PeggyMagritte's Labyrinth coverThe Wonderful Wizard of OzAlison BechdelErnst KrisEllen Handler SpitzEmily DickinsonA Spirit That ImpelsInside Picture BooksEllen at SewaneeTW Into the WoodsSpitz Illuminating Childhood coverMax drawing at Helix CenterThree Ladies Beside the SeaRene Magritte, La Blanc SeingRaphael Madonna degli SeggiolaBernini Apollo and DaphneAll That Rises Must Converge / RedLawrence M. WeschlerSpace&Psyche_EakinsStonehengeSigmund en AnnaMaurice Sendak My Brother's Book

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